In this episode we talk about stigma, mental health challenges and the autoimmune journey in Spanglish. This is our second bilingual episode, where we...View Details

Are you exhausted and overwhelmed after more than a year of the pandemic? The Sisterhood is there with you. In this episode, we speak to Mia and Phil ...View Details

This is a special bilingual episode in English and Spanish with Marilena Grittani, clinical pharmacist, who shares the importance of clear information...View Details

Have you ever felt trapped into having to make decisions that you didn't want to consider? In this episode, Dr. April shares tips on how to think proa...View Details

Episode 84: Empowering Yourself to Advocate for Your Health What happens when women are dismissed by the healthcare system, and how does this impact B...View Details

Have you been wondering about how assistive equipment works for the autoimmune community? In this episode, Dr. April shares her recent experience seek...View Details

Have you wondered about the gender differences that affect people with autoimmune conditions?  In this episode we speak to Emmitt Henderson III, who l...View Details

Has your weight changed significantly since the autoimmune diagnosis? In this episode, Dr. April shares her personal journey with weight gain and ster...View Details

Have you wondered what autoimmune clinicians think about the current state of autoimmune diseases and patient diversity? In Episode 80 we speak to Mic...View Details

Have you recently gone in for your autoimmune medications? Are you wondering what it is like to get a medication infusion? In this episode, Dr. April ...View Details

What is the journey of getting through the toughest times of chronic illness like for you, during a pandemic?    In this episode we speak to filmmaker...View Details

There is frequent talk about the unintended harmful consequences of decisions and actions that are made - but how often do we hear about the unintende...View Details

Happy Autumn! In this episode, Dr. April discusses the topic of Autumn Reflections, based on three steps of contemplation: Reflect, Receive, and Respo...View Details

In this episode, join us as we embark on an adventurous road trip on the journey of autoimmune living. Choose the red or blue pill, the well-worn path...View Details

In this episode, Dr. April shares the updates on the science of COVID19 and how the autoimmune community is impacted. We discuss current updates on pr...View Details

Have you connected with the power of community to help you on the autoimmune journey? In this episode we speak to Juana and Estela Mata, Founders of L...View Details

In this episode Dr. April discusses the importance of rest on the autoimmune journey for health, creativity, and peace of mind. We discuss the differe...View Details

Do you remember an experience of  sharing information that has been burdensome for too long, and the feeling of freedom after sharing your experience?...View Details

Episode 71: Identifying Health Information and Misinformation⁠⁠In this episode Professor April discusses how to access scientific information online a...View Details

What does it mean to live an ambitious life despite chronic illness? In this episode we speak to Ivy Cirillo who lives with over 20 chronic health dia...View Details

In this episode we speak to Dr. Omolara Uwemedimo who shares her experience with the MS journey and her journey of living inspired to design life in h...View Details

In this episode, Dr. April talks about the importance of mindfulness in helping us achieve daily purpose in life, while making important decisions abo...View Details

Dr. April frequently talks about integrative wellness for autoimmune living, but what is integrative wellness? In this episode Dr April breaks down th...View Details

What is your approach to living when you have been diagnosed with a chronic, autoimmune illness? In this episode, Dr. April shares her autoimmune diag...View Details

What changes can happen in your life when you acknowledge your nutrition needs to help your autoimmune conditions? In this episode, we speak to Jess ...View Details

What are the "Blue Zones", and is it possible to design Blue Zones for autoimmune limitless living? In this episode, Dr. April discusses what the Blue...View Details

How often have you been in a situation where you have too many things to do, but want to do all of them? In this episode, Dr. April talks about the n...View Details

Do you enjoy your daily activities as a person living with autoimmune and chronic conditions? In this episode we talk to Zaakirah who shares her curre...View Details

This episode covers several deep and challenging topics of social justice, racial justice, and mental health on the autoimmune journey. It begins with...View Details

How old were you when you were diagnosed with your autoimmune condition, and who did you decide to disclose this information to? This is a question th...View Details

In this episode we speak to Melissa Bates, The Biz Wolf, a business coach who runs a thriving business despite IBD. Melissa shares her story with us i...View Details

In this episode you will hear about some key skills for self care while living with autoimmune conditions even within a pandemic.Learn about self care...View Details

In Day 4 of our Live Podcast celebration we talk about the tools you will need to thrive for autoimmune self-efficacy and self advocacy.Learn about se...View Details

In today's live podcast episode, we talk about the planning, strategy, and resources that can help you design you ideal work situation to work with yo...View Details

Welcome to Day 2 of the Live Podcast anniversary celebration of the Sisterhood of Limitless Living podcast.  Today we talk about autoimmune integrativ...View Details

Today we are talking about friendships and community and how to stay connected to lifelong friends.Join us as we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of t...View Details

In this episode, we talk about ways to keep it together mentally, physically, spiritually and environmentally during challenging times such as the aut...View Details

In this episode, we speak to Dawn and Daana of the Myelin and Melanin podcast to talk about MS, research, and advocacy for multicultural communities. ...View Details

Episode 56 is on A Conscious Approach to Autoimmune Women's Health with Lilia Gomez Ashe, who is a conscious women's health and wellness educator. Hea...View Details

Episode 55: The Power of Imagery and Restorative Practice for Autoimmune Healing. In this episode we speak to C. Pete Lee, a  yoga practitioner, life ...View Details

This is our second special episode on the COVID-19 Pandemic.⁠ ⁠The Sisterhood of Limitless Living is about living well and thriving through the autoim...View Details

Episode 54:  Have you been interested in learning about reiki healing, what it is, and how it can help with autoimmune and chronic conditions? In this...View Details

Episode 53: Interview with Taelor Bennett on the Power of Intuition and Believing in YourselfHave you had a life changing experience in your autoimmun...View Details

In this interview we speak to Emily Brown who shares her story of faith, living with autoimmune conditions, and coaching others in autoimmune wellness...View Details

Episode 51: Faith and Hope in the Era of COVID-19. This episode is dense and deep in topics related to autoimmune living and wellness during the curre...View Details

In this episode we celebrate our 50th episode and also International Women's Day! Dr. April discusses why autoimmune disease is a feminist issue.  The...View Details

Although we usually release episodes once a week, this is a special episode.The Sisterhood of Limitless Living is about living well and thriving throu...View Details

Episode 49: Rare Disease Day. In this episode we discuss the complications and contexts of being diagnosed and living with rare disease. We speak to M...View Details

Episode 48: Loving Others When You Have an Autoimmune Condition.In this episode we talk about what seems to be uncommon on the internet - articles abo...View Details

Episode 47: Love and Relationships While Autoimmune. In this episode we speak to Tracy A. Todd, author and autoimmune advocate, who shares her story o...View Details

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